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NBA Second Half Trends

After focusing mainly on future NBA bets last month, in this piece I’m going to be focusing on a lot of trends to watch as we start the second half of the NBA season.

Line Movement:
Line movement, line movement and more line movement are the three most important things to pay attention to during the rest of the NBA season. Okay well maybe not the only three important things but line movement is very important as it can show you “sharp action.” Sharps, are referred to as an individual bettor who bets a large amount of money and is taken very seriously by the sportsbooks.

Another thing to pay attention to line movement is to compare multiple sportsbooks at once with it as well. So finding a great site like this one is a huge help at keeping track of line movement.

South West Divisional Winner:
Alright, I know I said that we wouldn’t talk future bets, but this one is too hard not to share. While about 88% of the time, when leading their division at the All-Star break that team wins their division 88% of the time. However, I think the Rockets who hold a three game lead, will be dethroned by the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks will get the Rockets two more times this season and they’ll play host which will be an added benefit with the home crowd energy behind them.
Note** This is where shopping around from the paragraph above comes in

Good Coaching:
I know this could sound a little bit cliche and could backfire in some cases for tanking teams but good coaching is always key and something you always would love to have on your side of the bet. Did you know that the most profitable second half season head coach is Erik Spoelstra? So make sure to keep an eye on the Heat for the remainder of the season as they’re just getting healthy as well with guard Tyler Herro set to return soon.

While he’s not profitable second half coach nor on a winning team and most likely on a team that has tanking on their mind, I’m going against the grain here as I’m going to throw Steve Kerr in this conversation. From Championship contenders to bottom feeders, due mainly to injuries is set to change. I think that getting Steph Curry back and the addition of Andrew Wiggins will rejuvenate this Warriors team.

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