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When the Dust Settles, Who Will take the MLB Crown?

2020 has brought us more questions than answers and with the MLB’s start date still up in the air, baseball fans are certainly awaiting that answer. With many believing that America’s pastime will start in July, it would seem fitting for July 4th celebrations and baseball to help bring America back together again.

But while there may not be a start date, one thing is for sure and that is that there will be an MLB season this year. Will we see a full season? That’s unlikely. But a regular season of some sort and a postseason? Most definitely. So with that being said let’s jump into my World Series predictions.

American League:
It’s no secret that the Houston Astros have been a complete powerhouse over the past couple of seasons. But the loss of starting pitcher Gerrit Cole will hurt them tremendously. As for Cole, going to the New York Yankees is just what the doctor ordered for the pinstripes who will look to get back to their first World Series since 2009.

Now it won’t be a cake walk for any team this year in the American League as it will be loaded with talent again. The Minnesota Twins are appealing at +1600 and will be in the mix. However, the American League will be for the Yankees taking.

Without Cole and their former manager, Aj Hinch, will definitely make it harder for the Astros to make it back to the ALCS. And if they do, the Yankees will be ready this time.
My Prediction: The New York Yankees defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS

National League:
The Los Angeles Dodgers just continue to get better and better. After stealing Mookie Betts and David Price from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for some talented young prospects. The Dodgers are without a doubt the favorite to win the National League as well as the World Series.

Another key takeaway from the graph above is Noah Syndergaard’s surgery has hurt the Mets’ odds, falling from +1500 to around +1800, in the latest Worls Series odds.

Though, we’ve seen several heavy favorites on paper in year’s past that just ended up not panning out. While I don’t believe that’s the case here for the Dodgers. I do believe however that they will come up short in the NLCS. While the Dodgers are loaded, the Atlanta Braves are even more loaded as their starting pitching might be the best in the MLB.

With the savy-veteran, Felix Hernandez rounding out their rotation at the number 5 spot leaves the Braves with little to no holes in their pitching rotation. Now I know what you’re thinking here. Hernandez had a career low season last year only winning once and finishing with a 6.40 ERA. But unlike in Seattle, where he had the 24th worst run support, he’ll be getting the backing of a top 5 team in run support as the Braves have one of the best offenses in baseball.
My Prediction: The Atlanta Braves defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS

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