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Realistic Expectations For College Football in 2020


So now that all eyes are on the ACC and SEC to make their decisions on whether sports will be played this fall or not, I think it is time to reevaluate whether football during this fall semester is really that good of an idea. Now don’t get me wrong, I love CFB as much as the next guy, but I still do not think we are ready to move forward with college football this fall. I am still team “Have football in the spring” even though I know there are many difficulties to work around with that scenario. But, if you are trying to tell me that a spring season is harder than getting a whole conference of college football teams to safely play a contact sport, in the middle of a pandemic, without a bubble, without any proper planning in place (Aug. 12 as I write this), PLUS telling these kids to then go to classes on campus where they have to socially distance and wear a mask, then you’re crazy.

There simply is no way to ask/expect these college age kids to do all of this, especially when you’re asking them to do it for free. People do not realize that having a season this fall is not as simple as how the NFL is making it seem (I still have little faith in Goodell in this situation too, but that’s for another blog). It is more realistic to ask a paid professional to take the proper precautions and to try and isolate from outsiders as much as possible because the players are actually getting money in return. Not only are these NFL players getting money in return if they do play, but they also were allowed to opt-out of the season and still receive a form of payment from the league. College players don’t get any repayment for putting themselves in more vulnerable positions to the virus, nor do players really have the option to opt-out because in college it is a lot easier to find a replacement for a guy than it is in the NFL, detouring players who need to further prove themselves from choosing not to play.

Think back to when the quarantine just began. Who was asked to work again? Essential workers. As most citizens sat home, we asked a few brave people to step up and keep working through the pandemic in order to keep functioning as a society. Now, as kids on college campuses are being sent home/having their classes moved online left and right, we are now asking these college athletes to be our essential workers and to provide entertainment for us during this time of boredom for the common-man. Oh yeah, and we’re asking them to do it for free.

To me it still just does not seem to make enough sense to have a college football season yet. Either delay to the spring and hope the virus has been contained by then, or delay till September and use this time to properly put a plan in place to safely have a full college football season. No more sitting back and waiting for this thing to go away, it’s time to tell the neckties in charge of these conferences to get off their ass and try to put a plan in place.

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