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Montana Airs Out One Of The Reasons Why Brady Left New England

Photo via USA Today

On August 12th, Joe Montana had interviews with both USA TODAY and The Jake Asman Show. In both interviews, the topic of Tom Brady leaving New England was brought up, and Montana showed the world a peak inside of the reasoning for Brady leaving to go join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

When talking to USA TODAY, Montana first revealed that he had a discussion with Brady about his unexpected departure from New England, where Brady told him a big reason why he decided to leave. In his last year on the Patriots, Brady said his input on what the team should do was being passed over. He told Montana that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels would ask for the 6x Super Bowl Champion’s opinion, only to have his requests ignored. 

Montana would double down on these statements later that day in his interview with Jake Asman (Got Brady on the mind Joe?), where he again said Brady’s input was ignored, and he also added he thought Tom wasn’t happy towards the end of his career with the Patriots. 

Now as a native New Englander this was unnerving to hear, but I can’t say it surprises me. Brady deserved to have input into the offense, but in the end it is up to Bill to decide what he thinks is best for the team. 

Despite Brady’s accolades, it is still hard to put anyone’s opinion over Belichick’s. Belichick has proved himself to be one of (if not the top) the best football minded coaches in league history with his situational approach to each and every game. Brady was in New England for twenty years (sounds insane every time I say that), and if you think it wasn’t until his last season that he started giving his ideas to Bill, then you don’t understand the dynamic the two had with each other. This certainly was not the first time Belichick tossed aside Brady’s views on the offense, and if Belichick doesn’t think a plan will work it is hard to go against him. This past season was a roller coaster for New England’s offense, which would certainly cause distress between those inside the inner workings of the offensive scheme. For most of his career in New England Brady was the yin to Belichick’s yang, and it appears that relationship truly did deteriorate over time. All good things must come to an end, and now each side of this tandem has a chance to prove themselves right in their new climates. 

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